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Sysme Bar is the most suitable application for effectively managing any business from the hospitality sector in which quick and agile tools are often needed.

The program offers everything you need for safe and reliable management of purchases while also allowing any culinary business (restaurants, bars, cafeterias, bakeries, home delivery, fast food) the ability to achieve maximum performance.

The program is structured on three great pillars: sales management, administration and management of supply, and stock. In sales management, the tactile TPV, the use of tickets and commands, sales by server and table, management of hourly rates, billing, and detailed reports stand out.

Within the stock controls, you can manage orders to providers, delivery requests, stock, organization of products by family, and detailed descriptions of each of the product. Additionally, in the administration options of Sysme Bar, you can find specific user permissions, access to the log of operations, configure lists, printing, and make back ups.
By Álvaro Toledo

The demo version allows you to test out the program but has limited features.

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